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A client of mine uses it (believe me moving their mailing list into their main app is absolutely scheduled work) and thus I’ve had the “pleasure” getting to know it in an apparently non-common scenario for sendy users.

Our MySQL env is a pxc/galera cluster, and connections require tls. When I asked the developer about adding tls support (about 4 lines of code if you’re using mysqli as he is) I just got a flat “nope, not doing that”.

At which point I lost all reservations about deobfuscating the “protected” files and simply replacing the db setup call in every single god damn file with a single setup that accepts tls options.

I’ve worked on some garbage code projects, but sendy is almost deliberately bad. In one place it: disabled all error reporting; tries to connect to the database; fails silently if the connection doesn’t succeed.

There is zero logging (besides an ungodly number of notices and warnings about undeclared variables, etc) and the author has apparently zero interest in actually fixing or improving any part of it at a technical level.

For those who work in php and want a comparison: it makes Wordpress in general look like a well architected application.

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