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The sad story is people like you perpetuating 30 year old stereotypes about Quebec and sticking to them even after being proven wrong multiple times. Maybe you should practice what you preach and visit the province once in a while.

How do you know how much time I have spent in Quebec and why I am so passionate about it, mon ami? I really really wish those were from 30 years ago, this is what the current government is doing right now:

"Quebec kerfuffle over bilingual greeting Bonjour- Hi!"


The world is watching and condemning:

"Toronto council passes motion to condemn Quebec’s secularism bill"


"Redditors Have Made Their Own Hilarious Quebec Values Test & It's All About Poutine"


Those are from the past few weeks only, not from 30 years ago and we have to expose and share the stupidity to push the government to backtrack as much as possible.

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