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Is there an international stenographic system? The one on this site only works for English as far as I can tell.

Plover has the great drawback that you need a complete dictionary for it for any language you want to use with it, because it's based on phonetics.

I have dabbled in creating an orthographic stenography solution for international use, but never quite finished it: https://github.com/kqr/qweyboard

If I could be paid to work half a year (or just a month or two) to work on anything I wanted, this would be it.

The underlying dictionaries Plover uses can be changed: https://github.com/openstenoproject/plover/wiki/Dictionary-F...

So if you want to optimize for typing another language, you can swap in corresponding dictionaries and type away. There's only the slight problem that there might not yet exist any for your language...

It's not that easy, since mnemonic key labels (the actual assignment from keys to "letters") might change depending on the overall system. Some stenotyping systems may even use subtly-different keyboard designs, that wouldn't match the stenotype keyboards Open Steno Project was designed to work with.

Hm, I'm sure there is one for German. I wish the project would aim to provide an international solution

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