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I first played Magic when I was around seven years old, when the Portal set came out. I've played on-and-off, never seriously/competitively. Before Arena came out, I had spent more time playing on Apprentice and then Cockatrice than I had with physical cards.

Arena now takes up a LOT of my spare time. I'm happy with the microtransaction system. $5 can take you pretty far when it comes to building a competitive deck if you are willing to play drafts. I've spent around $40 total across three accounts. The $5 one-time purchase is quite generous.

BO1 constructed allows you to deviate from the meta and/or counter it. The matchmaking is good, and you can tell a lot of effort has gone into cosmetic and sound effects.

I've played lots of Hearthstone and Shadowverse since both came out. I haven't touched Hearthstone in years, even though I spent close to a thousand dollars on it. I'm done with HS for good. I'll still play Shadowverse for new sets since you can always make a competitive deck for free if you create a new account and spend a few hours grinding.

I hope Wizards doesn't get greedy with Arena as it (and MTG) continue to grow in popularity. When Hearthstone got big, I expected Magic to die out completely, but it's nice to see that didn't happen.

I love playing Magic. I was a bit of a whale player as far as case openings goes. Obviously paper magic became untenable at some point...and I love playing Standard.

Arena has been so fantastic for me. I spend a fraction of what I used to, have all that space back in my apartment and play way more than ever. There are some things that I miss about playing face to face with people, but also there's no way I'd ever play some of my combo decks (any Mirror March...) in paper.

Sadly, many combo decks that are perfectly viable run up against the clock in Arena. If only there was loop detection to allow for "do this X times", it'd be far better.

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