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I think in the past 10 years there's been a real move away from ORM so I wouldn't expect it in the Go ecosystem. SQL is the best way to interface with a RDBS.

I haven't seen that at all. Every popular open source project that comes to mind uses an ORM in some form or fashion. I'm sure they exist but I can't think of a single one that is just doing raw SQL or Query building, across any programming language for that matter. Heck, I think GOGS/GITEA are the reason xorm even exists. There are a number of ORMs for golang, they just all have their pros and cons.

Yeah, untyped syntax inside your statically typed language, what could be better.

As a query DSL I don't find a problem with that. It's like saying that query strings in urls are untyped so don't match well. In reality the gap between untyped->typed is super narrow. You almost always immediately scan the results of your query into typed struct fields.

What's preventing you from using a query builder?

Then the accurate thing to say is "a SQL query builder is the best way to interface with a RDBS"

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