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Wait, is that true? I thought that the Java packages like Hibernate were just using method attributes and reflection...doesn't Go have the ability to add attributes to structs and a working reflection library?

They use generics pretty heavily too so it's not only reflection. Generics allow them to do a typesafe interface for the developer to use as well as making less work for the reflection code to do.

Go has reflection, but it doesn't have annotations or generics. Annotations are key for libraries such as hibernate.

Aren't `tags` akin to annotations?

No, Go tags are like metadata which can be accessed through reflection at runtime. Java annotations allow you to actually generate code during the build phase.

I've encountered a bunch of code generation in client-go - I'm not very good at Go, so not sure what the term for the code generation directives in comments is, if there is one.

And annotations and classloaders. Haven't looked at Hibernate in years ("10 years" to be exact /g) but it is possible that it also requires Java and JVM's instrumentation facilities. So certain kind of software magic can't be done with Go.

Options in Go for effective ORM require source level processing.

sqlx (1) is probably the closest thing to a tradition ORM that operates this way

^1: https://github.com/jmoiron/sqlx

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