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    You might as well say that quebecoi don't want to
    learn the language of the rest of the country.
You are conveniently proposing a revisionist view of history.

The word "Canada" has had multiple meanings which have been thoroughly perverted. Technically, Canada is not a country per se, rather it is a federation. Canada referred to the nation of what were later called "French Canadians" long before English settlers came. This [1] map from 1579 uses the word Canada almost 200 years before the English conquest. The process of nation building was underway a _long_ time before any English settlers joined. The English appropriated the name (and the flag, and the national anthem) for themselves and promptly outlawed giving or receiving education in French in _all provinces except Quebec_. Some are still fighting against it _to this day_. These facts would not be disputed by any party at he national assembly because... they are facts.

So did the English not want to learn the language of the rest of the country, even when they were vastly outnumbered? No, they did not (and still don't). Yet for example, they generously split their debt between all of the inhabitants of the federation, at a time when the English were vastly outnumbered yet millions of dollars in debt, and the French were much more numerous yet had budget surpluses!

The Quebecois (Canadiens) have absolutely no lesson whatsoever to receive from anybody. The English minority in the province receives many times more funding than it would pro rata. It is cited by the UN as the world's most well treated minority. You, like a lot of other English Canadians, are merely expressing your disdain for Canadiens. The history of this federation is clear, if only more people would learn about it.

[1]: https://www.loc.gov/item/2017585794/

> So did the English not want to learn the language of the rest of the country

Conquerors always imposes their language and culture to their colonies. British never learned Hindi,<insert lang> of British colony.

Likewise when the French settled, they imposed French rather than learning the many languages of the First Nations people.

I rest my case.

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