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Although I share similar experiences with what you're saying per se, I don't understand why people compare Go to C++. Comparing Go to C makes sense; to Rust or C++ does not.

I'm comparing it as a language that is evolving. Not as a point-to-point comparison. I feel like Go has evolved properly and C++ is mutating too quickly for its own good.

Nah, C++ is hardly mutating, in the sense of being backwards-incompatible. Rather, it is expanding incrementally (these days in big chunks). Anyway... Would you compare Python and C++, then? The goals of the languages are clearly different.

The comparison that has always made a bit more sense to me was "Rust tries to be a better C++, Go tries to be a better Java."

Honestly, "Go tries to be a better BASIC" would be more accurate. Nothing wrong with that, mind you.

This case may be an exception, but the root cause for most comparisons of Go to C++ is that Pike started it: https://commandcenter.blogspot.com/2012/06/less-is-exponenti...

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