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I think the point is that this was a real problem that happened because of combining k8s and aws, which is a pretty common scenario. And it underscores that the bug was hard to find - I'm not sure how many people on my team would be comfortable looking deeply at both GC and wireshark. It required asking "Why" a few more levels deep than bugs usually require, and I think a lot of developers would get stumped after the first couple of levels. So it's another piece of data just counseling that a proper k8s integration is not as easy as people might expect.

I also get the sense that that team has a better than average allocation of resources. Some teams I've been on, this type of problem would be the responsibility of one person within an afternoon, or with impatient product people and managers checking for status after that.

This is exactly what happens when you abstract away anything, in this case, infrastructure. Most of the time people focus on the value-added by the abstraction. This time somebody had to face the additional burden that was introduced by it, making it harder to track down the bug.

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