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Here is the thread for more context: https://twitter.com/nebrius/status/1191821800302206976

I spent maybe 40 minutes last night trying to find out what Charles did that violated the CoC. The best I could do was find this: https://twitter.com/sarahmei/status/1187181890920312833

It seems like he was kicked from the conference for having the nerve to make a youtube video with his opinion.

If someone can show me something more significant... PLEASE... because i've been searching, I just haven't found it.

He did not do anything.

The first offense is from his twitter account:

>Latter Day Saint (Christian), Conservative

The second offense is that there is a picture of him with a MAGA hat somewhere on the Internet.

That was enough for someone to say they're uncomfortable attending the same conference as him. Because he is a Mormon, he tried to solve the issue the Mormon way, offering them to discuss the issue. This was considered "tone policing" by the anonymous "Linux Foundation" account.

The raging assholes enforcing this fake social justice nonsense must be unambiguously called out by anyone with half a brain.

> The raging assholes enforcing this fake social justice nonsense must be unambiguously called out by anyone with half a brain.

Hear, Hear.

There is nothing more significant, their stated reason was "tone policing":

https://twitter.com/cmaxw/status/1192261086810116096?s=20 reply

Punishing him for "tone policing" is like nailing Al Capone for tax evasion. Charles Max Wood's actual crime was being associated with John Sonmez, some brogrammer with a propensity to mouth off. In Scientology terms, he had an SP in his vicinity making him a PTS, and refusing to disconnect from the SP despite a direct order from his E/O meant he had an SP declare issued against him.

(Understanding Scientology will give you major clues into how social justice operates.)

Note that associating with John Sonmez is an unforgivable crime, but saying "white men in tech ain't shit" or "all whiteness is racist by design", as Kim Crayton has done, is not. This is because an often unstated assumption of codes of conduct is "we prefer the safety of marginalized groups over the comfort of privileged groups". (The GNOME Code of Conduct explicitly states this, almost verbatim.) That is to say, racism, sexism, and harassment are CoC violations if they are seen to "punch down", but not if they are seen to "punch up" by the CoC commissars who deliberate in secret. This is why Uncle Bob's letter will go unheeded. If action is taken by the Linux Foundation because of his letter, it will be against Uncle Bob himself for posting it. He suggested that legitimate actions taken against one who punches down are harassment, which is itself punching down, therefore harassment and a CoC violation.

> Charles Max Wood's actual crime was being associated with John Sonmez, some brogrammer with a propensity to mouth off.

Not saying you are wrong, but if that is indeed the case, then someone should come out and say that out loud.

Right now, having a person banned for no clear reason what so ever, only creates uncertainty and division in the community.

Edit: Having looked into it, "John Sonmez, some brogrammer with a propensity to mouth off", actually seemed to be trying to take the heat away from a woman being verbally abused and attacked on twitter.

One can obviously argue about the way he did that, but how on earth does trying to defend a woman make him a "brogrammer"? Your position seems somewhat biased.

Note that "tone policing" is only an offense when non-SJWs do it. When SJWs do it, it's known as "calling out" and should be encouraged. Example: https://lkml.org/lkml/2013/7/15/329

I think Sarah Mei should follow her own advice & stop center herself at every conversation and opportunity.

Cancel culture. Note how they don't persecute prominent people/leaders. They go after those who are more vulnerable.

What a time to be alive!

Sarah Mei has been involved in this type of attack before, so this raises alarm bells to me that she's at the center of another. I fear she's becoming a massive influence towards this kind of Stalinistic attack.

Let me give an example of the kind of 'motive imputation' attacks she leads on a regular basis: https://twitter.com/sarahmei/status/1073251153360482304

This is exactly parallel to her current tweet which LF responded to.

Live by Twitter, die by Twitter.

oh my god, they are complaining about an acronym DDD, because it somehow sexual (not being a native english speaker, I fail to spot the innuendo). If there's anything to complain about ddd is the name clash with Data Display Debugger, a really cool debugger for linux.

I wonder about the callous ignorance of Sarah Mei, who purports to be a feminist but ignores such an important program written by another woman.

> because it somehow sexual (not being a native english speaker, I fail to spot the innuendo).

In the US, DD is a cup size for a brassiere, and thus indirectly refers to breast size on women. DD for sometime has been considered to be an uncommonly large breast size for a woman, especially a woman of otherwise more common proportions. DDD, being the next cup size up for reasons I don't understand (instead of cup sizes going E, F, etc), would therefore imply a woman even bustier than the supposedly uncommonly-busty DD-breasted woman.

Yes, I think it's silly, too. Human mammary tissue has exactly fuck all to do with programming.

"DDD" seems unacceptable, however "CoC" is. Go figure.


if at least they were consistent bullshitters, but their stuff is mostly random

That's an unreasonably huge leap for the audience to make that connection.

As somebody else pointed or, that's the explanation Sarah Mei gave on Twitter in the past.[0] The tweet about them discovering "3D" is on point.

[0] https://mobile.twitter.com/sarahmei/status/10732511533604823...

She's not going to care about that.

I wonder if the d3js project is next in the firing line

Can we just cancel javascript?

Can the letters "JS" be conflated with some other concept that offends someone who is inclined to make a stink on twitter and has a lot of followers? It could happen...

Unfortunately we'd probably just rename it something less offensive like ECMAScript.

“Later, in an effort to cash in on the popularity of Java the language is renamed JavaScript. Later still, in an effort to cash in on the popularity of skin diseases …”

Surely, one obvious way to fix this, is that we need to start a petition for changing the name of dd utility


what a shitshow that would be

Khaine 5 days ago [flagged]

But in most of the world, DD Cup size is followed by E Cup, not DDD. Like most SJWs they taken an American-centric view of the world, which is apparently bad when others do it, but acceptable when they do it.

I'm so sick of this cancel culture bullshit. Didn't they learn about sticks and stones as a kid? Honestly, so many people these days need to eat some concrete to harden the fuck up.

soyiuz 4 days ago [flagged]

"SJWs" "need to eat some concrete"? You sound like a wannabe skinhead teen. Your veiled calls to violence should have nothing to do with / have no place in coding culture.

This is a great example of SJWism.

Your amerocentric view of the world assumes that because we speak the same language we have the same culture. We do not. In my culture, telling someone to eat concrete is not taken literally. Its not a call to violence. Its a way of telling someone they need to increase their mental fortitude, that being upset because someone said something you didn't like is not a productive way to go through life.

I am not American. And the meaning of the English language does not change with your culture, which, I might add, does not get transmitted in writing. I am responding to your words only. Eat concrete is crass and violent. You can hand wave all you want. Try conversing without ad hominem labels and insinuations.

This reminds me of some post by an SJW-type who complained about a makeup company printing the word “black / negro” on their mascara because it was somehow racist.

I’m still struggling to find the context for this whole thing. Where did you find DDD mentioned?

I believe it was a mis-reply intended for this thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21485640

Ok, we've moved it to be a child of that comment rather than https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21486331.

This kind of holier than thou, "fuck you I'm right", "you have no say because I say so", "I'm marginalized because I say so therefore my opinion trumps yours" attitude should be shunned and laughed at, not embraced and empowered. She's acting like she speaks for all women and they're all made out of glass. Somehow these people get away with equating sexual or lewd jokes as anti women, as if women couldn't possible make the same kind of jokes. Not saying that's whats going on in the DDD case though, but that's her angle of it.

Unfortunately, this kind of extreme SJW mindset seems to be winning ground in the name of inclusion by scared useful idiots. Tech used to be a relatively sane area where logic and accomplishments was what mattered, now you need to kiss these lunatics asses unless you want to be painted as a horrible person that hates everyone but white straight males.

It reminds me about how several of the subreddits for lesbians have been taken over by transsexual women that ban lesbian women if they argue about not being attracted to penis[0]. Saying you're against MtF transexuals competing against regular women in sports labels you as a TERF[1] and persona non grata in some circles, and those circles are gaining power.

[0] https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueOffMyChest/comments/ddv8ep/lesb...

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TERF

I'd like to point out that this isn't all trans women and some of us realize this takeover is absolutely insane. A lot of us want to blend into society and not cause any hardship to others, or any destruction of projects like this. Social Justice is going way too far.

Because of these grifters I don't even want to identify as transgender any longer.

It’s easy to laugh at the sheer stupidity of that tweet. But imagine you wanted to use Domain Driven Design (or the Data Display Debugger, or the dd utility, or the D language) at an organisation that employs this person... and you get fired for it.

But all of this is on all their permanent records and when the pendulum swings the other way, they will have ample time to reflect.

Someday this type of thing is going to have a very clear connection to loss of a job or contract and someone is going to learn the term tortious interference. Then find themselves writing a bigger check than they thought they would be when they woke up that day. Paired with a groveling public apology.

Here is a Reddit story about some non-native English speaker getting fired in California over a variable name:


A large proportion of the more interesting and shareable stories are creative writing exercises. This is almost certainly one.

But that clearly must be a joke. Isn't it?

No; unfortunately, this isn't cherry-picked. Unlike with the accused this topic is referring to, Sarah Mei has lots of history you can scroll through. Another incident involved her attacking an author regarding a book on 'software craftsmanship' because - she claimed - the word 'craftsman' was definitionally sexist.


In that thread, there's a comment, "it's why we call them firefighters, not firemen"...

As someone in fire and EMS, around here, among us, including the females (this area has quite probably the highest proportion of females in fire and EMS in the country), there is an inherent pride in the title 'fireman', regardless of gender.

To us it implies "I don't 'fight' fire. I am a [man] of fire, who intrinsically understands it, lives and breathes it, and knows how to master (uh-oh) it".

If we are going to change the name for "fireman" - the profession, we need to change "human" to something more appropriate like "homo idioticus" (i realize it sounds both homophobic and ableist), so does anyone have better ideas?

Here in Wales all the female firefighters refer to themselves as “firemen” too, and proudly.

> all the female firefighters

Good for them! I'm personally agnostic about this, but you sound as if you know them all and you know what they think. It can be tricky to separate ones perception from reality.

By "all" I mean it is the norm. You could perhaps find one who didn't in Cardiff.

Okay, now I saw two of the craziest things I ever saw today. Thanks, that clears it up for me.

The Linux Foundation seems to be a broken organization.

Good thing Sarah "shut the fuck up" Mei is here to police conduct.

> Stalinistic attack

Was Stalin known for unfair, politically biased code of conduct enforcement? Sorry, I don't see the need for hyperbole here. Even in context, yanking a ticket from KubeCon is hardly the same thing as being purged from the government, tried for imagined crimes and sent to a Gulag.

It is in line with the categories of the accusations made in that time. This is effectively a loyalty accusation: by seeking to mediate, he has shown himself to be insufficiently committed to the cause of racial and gender justice, which consequently means his motive must have been to defend the racist.

Yeah, but "making loyalty accusations" isn't exactly what Stalin is known for. He's known for a brutal purge that sent his political enemies to death camps.

To Godwinize for clarity: this is like using "Hitlerian" to celebrate a public policy achievement in passenger rail scheduling.

It is at the core of the worldview and ideology he espoused. The actions he is known for flow out from that ideology.

In this case I suppose "Stalinist" is a metonym for the apparatchiks who enforced ideological purity in institutions and made sure that deviants got punished.

Maybe it'd be more accurate to call it McCarthyist.

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