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Show HN: I made a decentralized Push To Talk (walkie talkie) web app (qvdev.github.io)
21 points by qvdev 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Developer here,

Press and hold the button or press and hold spacebar and talk.

you can change channels by change the #gun to something else such as #cows or #monkeys

It is works via the decentralized database https://gun.eco/

The app is not keeping full conversation. Feel free to ask any questions.

Have fun! usage is unlimited!

Just tested 5-10 mins back.

A few issues.

Some latencies are present. PTT button pushed propagation time perhaps. Audio stream is a little glitchy sometimes.

Some words/syllables repeat 5-15 times. This effect is seen in message starting and endings usually but also in between sentences.

Message drops before a person releases the button. They say a sentence but get cut off halfway.

But on the whole... a nice thing :)

Fun fact: did you know in French they say "Talkie Walkie" instead of "Walkie Talkie"?

Yeah, do you happen to know why it is reversed in French?

There is no natural right way around. Walk and talk; talk and walk.

fun fact :+1:

I can't hear any audio :(

very cool

Thanks glad you like it, I am having some fun as well as people join and make noises. Whistling is something people like to do. Maybe start a whistle channel :)

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