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It can.

Must it?

People read at different paces in different moods.

Also watching tv is nothing compared to reading a book like W&P.

Let people decide what how and why they enjoy things, that is all I’m saying and my P, I believe.

You can also listen to all the nine symphonies of Beethoven in a day. Does that mean if you don’t then you are not enjoying them?

I definitely understand the assertion that if you take too long to experience some piece of media, it harms the experience of it in a not-insignificant way. At the extreme end, it's certainly possible to put something down so long that you can't just pick it back up again without starting over—probably most people have experienced that. It's reasonable that there is some less-insurmountable but still real harm done to the experience by stretching out reading a novel over too long a time.

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