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Exactly - and I would add another 2:

* What are the confidence intervals around the answers to the above? I.e., what are the probabilities of the ranges of answers to the above.

* Assuming that such probabilistic models have been running, unchanged, for at least a decade - how have these probabilities held up, where it is possible to measure the actual outcomes?

One extremely humorous IPCC report mentioned that cloud cover changes are poorly understood, could massively increase or decrease warming feedbacks likely drowning out all other signals, but for the sake of the report would be ignored.

So much science-y science you just can't stand it.

We won't like the results of the updates on accuracy that have been made, say the rumors. Still some time off until publication though, who knows what'll happen until then.

edit: One morbidly humorous plot is this one:


P1, P2 and P3 are just.. kind of ridiculous with that emission drop. It's the kind of thing where you go 'haha sure' and then drown your thoughts in beer.

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