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Cooking and baking are my big ones. It’s tactile. There’s an end to each session (as opposed to most side projects which have a nigh on infinite set of potential tasks, or work which is much the same).

I’m on my feet. I usually don’t have music or TV on so my brain gets a nice bit of breathing time and original thoughts bubble up.

And then if I’m doing dishes maybe I will turn music on, get a bit of dance on.

I love the smells of things as they sauté, or roast, or bake. And the sounds of the knife hitting the chopping board, or the water coming from the faucet, or the coffee grinding and gurgling (especially in the mornings).

And then I get to eat something delicious (the vast majority of the time). And I love learning about new flavors, and how I can combine them and using new techniques with high quality ingredients.

Very pleasant. My Pops does woodworking and stained glass making and photography and cooks and bakes and I imagine it’s much the same. Tactile, not a lot of screens, on the feet, keeps the brain energized and making new neural connections.

Definitely better than looking at page 12 of Reddit (for me, although I do that sometimes too).

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