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Most popular banned handle from RW is probably TrueIndology, and undoubtedly the selective reporting has its own agenda as well

If Twitter has banned as many right wing accounts as left leaning ones, why is it that the majority of disgruntled responses to Twitter India's clarification thread are blaming Twitter India's right wing bias ?


...or is there a claim somewhere in here that the unhappy right wing accounts just leave twitter for Mastodon without complaining and hence all that anyone, including the BBC, seems to highlight is the left leaning accounts making a noise ? Where are the unhappy right wingers in that thread ?

it is a coordinated trend which was orchestrated by the usual LW handles. This happens every day on twitter, LW or RW, bollywood celebrities or businesses, Baba Ram rahim singh or other godmans, every vested interest generates a coordinated hashtag and trends it.

Also the RW twitter is not given the required exposure by media outlets in India (forget about the Western outlets) when they have their protests as well. This happens with many cases - e.g. Happened after killing of Kamlesh Tiwari. Many people celebrated the murder and were rightly condemned by the RW twitter group but Indian media did not highlight that.

I am not talking about hash tags. Just the replies on that specific thread. Am I now to believe that twitter itself is working with the LW handles to show the replies of LW criticism of twitter while suppressing RW voices?!!

Come on, use Occam's razor.

Do you know GAB? It is a far right wing platform in response to twitter. Much before LW spoke about moving to mastodon, RW started moving to GAB. BTW, GAB is now using mastodon open source software only.

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