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How many people actually agree? Yes, if you ask them, the social costs and gains of each answer being given means most will disagree. But is that actually what we value more when their isn't a social cost to being honest with the 'wrong' answer? Is that what our actions speak too? I think we live in a world that puts a value on the plane crash and sees a certain level of cost from plane crashes as acceptable in the payoff is high enough. And this isn't unique to just plane crashes, look at what movie and music stars are allowed to get away with that would quickly get you or I a 20 year prison sentence.

The thing is, if they don't actually get it right, and another plane crashes, the stock is going to take a massive hit. So even if all you care about is the stock price, you have to get the fix right.

While enough crashes will hurt the stock, I don't think this is enough of a counter to the existing pressure because it is possible to modify a business in a way that increases stock value, sell the stock, and then let others take the losses when the public perception hits the point people stop buying the product (in this case, stop using flights flown with Boeing airplanes).

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