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The same people who are pro-nuclear don't want it in their backyard, nor to worry about future waste storage sites, or invest more heavily in the current Superfund clean up aftermath from previous nuclear-related projects.

Usually they talk about how the newest reactors are more efficient and reliable than ever, but still cost billions to manufacturer and maintain, and only if liabilities are removed from those involved with building it.

>nor to worry about future waste storage sites

Why would we need more than one waste storage site?

All the waste produced by power generating reactors in the US ever would fit on a US football field and be about 30 feet deep. That's less waste than one coal plant produces in a decade.

All that waste we can't figure out what to do with, that no one wants to store or transport? That's from making nuclear weapons. No one sane wants more of those.

Ok, let's just get one site approved, and all states that nuclear waste might travel through on board, simple, right? Why hasn't it been done then?

Regarding the volume of waste, would you feel comfortable sitting next to even a gram of raw nuclear waste? Even if the volume is small, it still needs to be handled with extreme care. If the handling of weapons waste is any indicator, that level of care has yet to be demonstrated.

Sure the waste is miniscule.

However I don't trust the corporations in running it. When profit motive rears its ugly head, bad semihidden shit happens.

I'd trust the military in running it. They do have operational nuclear knowledge.

That's why not-for-profit Chernobyl never happened? And the military, they do have their experience of hiding their failures. One mega-corporation. Totally not-for-profit.

You know that almost all the reactors in the world are corporate run, right?

What? According to whom? That's all just made-up FUD.

Because solutions to those issues never seem to come up in pro nuclear posts, only that the new reactors are safer and more efficient, while ignoring the issues of waste storage, expensive proprietary fuel and liability concerns.

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