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As a tangent, there have been times when HN is ahead of the curve in understanding where something is headed before the investing public.

The benchmarks and excitement around AMDs offerings are a great example. When you see something that presents a paradigm shift, often the market will not have fully digested it.

AMD is one of those cases, and I believe BA is as well. Their stock is essentially unchanged from where it was before the Lion Air crash in October 2018. This company is worth $200B and we’re talking about 5,000 units of a $100mm plane (that’s $500B in revenue right? I’m not adding a zero there?)

$100mm is the list price. Actual prices are decided by the market. I've read about $50mm for the 737-8, the baseline 737MAX model. That was of course before the MCAS disaster.

My layman understanding is that actual prices would be around 40% off list price for models that sell really well, with little competition (for instance A321). Much steeper discount above 60% for models that have a hard time selling (A330NEO) or for end of line to close a production gap (777-300ER is very cheap to buy while Boeing is working on the 777-9).

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