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Teslas have moved past the "theoretically can we drive across the US" a long time ago. Nobody questions if any EV can do it given a careful selection of start and end points, route planning, and luck with third party charging stations working properly (they often do not).

The practical range-based use cases are way more meaningful, and they're proved out every day by real world Tesla owners doing normal things.

But it is nice to see these proof of concept demonstrations with other EVs. I think it's been a few years since a Tesla going from Niagara Falls to NYC warranted a press release.

So, no answer on the Model S's endurance then? I answered your question, why not answer mine instead of offering up evasions? If you don't know, simply say you don't know.

> why not answer mine instead of offering up evasions?

You should follow your own advice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How far can the Model S go in 24 hours straight? I'll wait.

"2,424 Kilometers In 24 Hours In Tesla Model S … On German Autobahn"


You know a "real" open roads and not some marketing stunt in a circular track with a a 100 person support team with an onsite charger.


Any rational person would know that's a big difference. But you clearly are not so I'm not expecting much from you.

Ah, so again less distance covered. I accept your concession to the Taycan's win.

Have you placed your Taycan order?

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