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>The morality of that, of course, could strongly depend on whether the codebreakers are working for the “good guys” (like the Allies during WWII) or the “bad guys” (like, perhaps, Trump or Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping).

Yeah, not so sure about that. The allies might have been the "good guys" in WWII, but before and after they have enslaved 1/3rd of humanity as subjects in their colonials empires.

And they have been busy making enemies, toppling governments, meddling, dividing and conquering, etc all around the globe before and after WWII, and during the Cold War.

So, yeah, unless we compare to bona-fide Nazis, color me unimpressed with the idea that some group is so much better to unlock QC...

Besides, wasn't Germany itself, with tons of ex-Nazi leaders, sympathizers, and supporters in all areas of post war leadership [1], best pals with said Allies a mere few years after the war? (as West Germany was a good asset to have for Cold War purposes (and East Germany for USSR for the same)

Let's say the good and bad guys are in superimposition, as finger-pointing the fashionable names to be against in US politics du jour (Trump, Putin, Xi) doesn't really inspire confidence...

[1] So much that a big demand of younger germans in the 60s and 70s was the "denazification" of the country (I'm not speaking here of the namesake half-hearted allied attempt).

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