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Brain size doesn't correlate very well with intelligence amongst humans, while average brain differences between men and women are both nuanced and not universal.

I know but that doesn't answer the question how culture makes male brains bigger which is the statement of OP

Men have bigger brains most likely because they have bigger bodies. Bigger bodies need bigger brains to control them. But there are differences in the relative proportions of grey vs white matter for example, so in this case size most likely doesn't matter.

It does however mean that the GP's Every time sexists come out with "brain differences", we find they are culture differences. is factually wrong (unless you can somehow explain brain size culturally).

A better argument would be that every time brain differences were found, they turn out to be irrelevant. However, I'm not sure even that is true, considering some colleges are experimenting with mental rotation training to help female engineering students, with good results: https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/43802/can-teaching-spatial-sk... That example also shows identifying gender differences is not a bad thing; it allows coming up with ways to compensate.

Women's bodies _are_ different from men's in a number of ways, so it is likely that their brains are different for similar reasons. But brains are very plastic in their functions - you can live quite happily if born with only half a one, for example.

But the plasticity means that cultural practises are likely to have an effect on brains, in the same way that London Cabbies famously have over developed hippocampus with more nerve cells than they had before due to the requirements of their jobs.

Finding brain differences does not, therefore, mean that the differences are genetic or directly gender related, but could be culturally generated through different roles being adopted for social reasons.

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