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Have you tried using a third party Twitter app (eg Tweetbot on Mac & iOS, Fenix on Android)?

I find I get a vastly different experience on those apps to the official site - on the website, tweets from various friends aren't being shown at all, and replies are being re-ordered. It's as if the Twitter site is re-ordering things to maximize "engagement" (ie outrage). The third party apps still show things by chronological order, don't show tweets that others like/heart, making for a much better experience.

i was a HUGE third party user, but nowadays i just prefer using twitter web and twitter for android (specially after twitter finally added latest home page instead of those weird curated timelines).

also, list support is a lot better on the official app (and i use a lot of lists so i don't clutter my main timeline with random stuff).

For people still using Twitter with a web browser on a laptop or desktop, I’d highly recommend tweetdeck.twitter.com. The interface is split into multiple columns and allows one to focus on what’s interesting or relevant. I personally liked it a lot when I used Twitter in the past for sometime.

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