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Is that really true? ‘react-native init AppName’ and your ready to go?

What is wrong with react natives official documentation? I think what many mess up(me included) is to look at the wrong version of the documentation. I guess that could be a little bit more obvious.

edir: oh, typescript! Yeah, that is a little bit more troublesome; https://facebook.github.io/react-native/blog/2018/05/07/usin...

>Is that really true? ‘react-native init AppName’ and your ready to go?

If you already know React/Redux/etc, perhaps.

Else "Ready to go" after reading about several concepts, libraries, and systems and getting how the work together, what performance pitfalls they have, etc...

If you would initiate a Swift app or any other for type of app for that matter, what language/frameworks give you a complete solution with state etc done for you.

I guess I’m asking; what other solution have you found that solves everything for you?

If you want to build an iOS app with Swift, the built-in frameworks give you everything you need. Swift as a language, Cocoa Touch (includes Foundation as a kind of standard library and UIKit or SwiftUI for the UI stuff), Xcode for the IDE and build system. There's one source of documentation, Apple, and there's years of third-party documentation all over the internet.

You can bring in libraries of course, but even for a large iOS project it's unlikely (and probably unnecessary) to have more than a handful.

My point wasn't from someone who expects the language/environment to "solve everything".

It was from someone familiar with GUI programming, who wants to try doing it in React Native and suddenly finds tons of new concepts to keep in mind (compared to common native GUI frameworks/libs).

> edir: oh, typescript! Yeah, that is a little bit more troublesome;

So appending '--typescript' is troublesome and not obvious? Like this?

react-native init AppName --typescript

That's it. I never knew in 2019 that adding an extra flag would be 'troublesome'. The description of your installation of a React Native and TypeScript project in 2018+ is greatly exaggerated.

According to the article, there are caveats.m, I don’t know, therefore I linked to the article.

Is the flag generating a project that works without anymore tweaking/setting up? If so, my reference to the blog is not accurate.

Also, a better reply would be “oh that article is not accurate anymore, now everything is setup for you I’d you add this flag!”

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