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The Twitter thread that was linked contains factual NHSTA info.

"@russ1mitchell of LA Times wrote the article in which he claimed that NHTSA launched investigation into Tesla fires, later changing “investigation” to probe.

This is FALSE. NHTSA initiated analysis of the Petition and rebuked Russ Mitchell for disinformation."

Read the articles. They link to a PDF of the letter from the NHTSA to Tesla which outlines exactly what they're doing. You don't think the NHTSA is collecting documentation from Tesla for the fun of it, do you?

>exactly what they're doing

Yes, which is not an investigation. They're only conducting an analysis of the petition and asked Tesla for data. They have not opened an investigation, but you already know this if you're listening.

Not only have I have read the original article written by Russ Mitchell mind you (Reuters's version is just a rehash).

I also dug more into this and the Twitter thread contains the most factual info instead of speculation.

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