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Yay nihilism. /s You can ascribe nearly anything to pleasure and dopamine. Never mind that a lot of people are addicted to facebook content partly because it generates a negative feeling.

Weird to associate nihilism with something that the article compares to religious practice, which is emphatically not nihilistic.

Part of it's title is 'How to feel nothing now'. It is aiming at gaining a new life from nihilism. It has little to do with religion, that is the framework for the process of heading towards nothing.

It has the same quality of mind emptying meditation that you can get from a Sam Harris workshop. It is fundamentally opposite from being on top of the world, having everything in order. It instead encourages you to clear out a valuable part of your life and society as if exiting downwards is productive.

The article is on point for current trends, clear the air to let in the water gods. It's predictable.

what is it about nihlism?

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