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Twitter's problem is that it won't do anything about users with handles like @magapatriot2130945785 who have turned the site into trash.

It's not that they CAN'T do anything about it, the problem is that they WON'T.

Why do think that users with usernames like that have turned the site into trash? In my experience, Twitteer's problems seem more systematic, and related to their attempts to maximize your time on site, and thus ads viewed.

Have you actually used Twitter since 2016?

Isn't Twitter much more heavily slanted towards left-wing politics? Twitter has pretty much become a haven for that. I really don't see why you would think that the group you mentioned are the ones that ruined Twitter. Incidentally, Reddit seems to be going the same way, but they probably have more niche communities that are isolated from the rest of the site, so it might not become as big of an issue.

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