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>I wonder how they are still even making any money?

Instagram is how they are making money

Not true at all. Estimates vary. But say Instagram is doing around $1.5B rev a month now. FB as a whole does over $5.5B rev a month.

FB did $40B, $55B, and ~$68B in revenue for 2017-2019. Instagram has been ~$4B, $7B, and ~$15B for 2017-2019. IG as a part of revenue has certainly grown from ~10% to ~22%. However it’ll be a while before it gets to be the majority. IG has possibly had its biggest growth period by now and has already had a lot of ads added.

I wouldn’t bet against it topping 1/3 revenue in 2021. Hard to predict that and beyond that. FB may also [begin to] monetize FBM and/or WhatsApp or something else by 2022.

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