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>her talk of deplatforming reads like a conspiracy theorist.

It absolutely does. Even with all the proof- I sound like a nut job, that's why I am so meticulous about the documentation across all three Medium posts- so no one has to take my word for it.

>It really looks like she is a professional bullshit artist

This has been disproven a hundred times. It gets revived because it's a handy way to justify the way I've been targeted.

Several years ago there was an expat here in Shenzhen, I refused to share my WeChat info with him, he took offense, this harassment campaign was the result. I don't know whether he is still involved, but the idea that slapping on a pair of fake tits instantly makes one Chinese girl incapable of doing the same basic fabrication and engineering that millions of other Chinese girls do far better seems incredibly appealing to some people.

If I'm a "professional bullshit artist" these are the people helping me:

Bunnie Huang https://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?p=5046

Winston Sterzel (SerpentZA) https://youtu.be/hN6cKTjsnFs

China-Gadgets.de https://youtu.be/EzeFIPslWIg

Becky Stern and Estefannie https://youtu.be/87OI-P-kRr0

Limor Fried and ā€ˇPhillip Torrone https://youtu.be/i1z14LDjiZc

Maker Faire NYC attendees https://youtu.be/Qo9Pbs7Q7a0 (and Maker Faire Bangkok, Tokyo, and this month Rome: https://hackaday.io/project/164486-uecg-a-very-small-wearabl...)

Countless other hardware engineers and reporters who have come through Shenzhen and met me. Hundreds of people who have tried to quiz me and trip me up.

When Dale Dougherty, the editor of Make Magazine reposted this Reddit smear campaign and got pushback from the Maker community over it, he did everything in his power to not back down. Maker Media staff spent two weeks asking everyone who met me, and went through my videos frame by frame for anything they could use to cast doubt on my legitimacy- everyone said the same thing, I was the real deal. Make was truly desperate if there was a shred of evidence they would have found it:



I could make more money off my appearance doing literally anything else, why the hell would I spend my day for the last three to four years hunched over a workbench getting cut, burned, pulling metal splinters out of my hand, for what? I've got the largest implants in China- my big score is a free $200 3D printer? My friends who live-stream for the Chinese market make 10x what I do just for singing songs and looking cute.

Why would I fight for Open Source compliance and respect for IP compliance where this is VERY unpopular and closes a lot of doors? Foreigners call me a thieving Chinese and a fake, Chinese call me a foreigners puppet for calling them out on GPL compliance and fighting on IP issues (which NO ONE else is doing here). https://youtu.be/pODH6FR4nU8



I shoot long, detailed build videos meticulously showing each step- more detailed than nearly any other female maker, and most men: https://youtu.be/qR3dw2GVS64




CAD tutorials (and I have to show me and the screen in the same shot, which is some bullshit but fine): https://youtu.be/b4a4LOVHs9I


...and I am absolutely candid about my augmentation: https://youtu.be/zVAjbJGd4GE

The people continuing the harassment campaign actually know that it's bullshit at this point. They just think it's funny to mess with a girl in Mainland China who is clearly not living well off her appearance- and taking huge risks.

My continued presence on English social media (and being honest, my continued ability to enjoy daylight) is entirely dependent on not embarrassing my country. I have the largest English language Youtube and Twitter following of any PRC citizen in Mainland China. This is NOT a good thing. Shitbags who go out of their way to defund and discredit me, when they know I'm legitimate- this is not about my feelings being hurt or ignoring "haters", this potentially has very real, real-life consequences. This is not a joke. For what? Who am I hurting just making stuff and reviewing tech in my living room workshop? Of all the people online doing actual fucked up stuff, why target someone doing nothing?

I don't do anything very difficult, of course I get English correction (Liu Cixin won a Hugo and no one thinks it's "suspicious"), I ask for help from local engineers when I need it- and I show that on video also, but my work is mine, the ideas mine and all fabrication done by me.

As always- anyone doubts me? No problem- set the bar I will crush any test of my skill they care to put me to. No hand-wavey "I don't buy it" character assassination- be specific, name what's fake, what can't I do and if I haven't already I'll fucking shoot it and post it unedited.

Have you considered that an article as linked above would be a better submission than part 3 of a rambling blog post or discussion about the size of your implants.

At least when I read the smear I knew what it was claiming in a few sentences and it made a better case for it. One part of your diatribe is a 19 minute read according to medium and in it you entirely fail to explain how you were wronged by vice in terms of what they are supposed to have shared and you constantly make excuses for doing dumb things while assuming the worst of others.

Starting from part 3 was even less informative.

After you doxed the journalist you manage to try to come off concerned and responsible by asking if anyone lived with your target and talking about how much liked babies "like all Chinese people".

Meanwhile the woman who misunderstood your situation and dismissed you. Instead of correctly assuming she misunderstood your position you portray her as some sort of race traitor designed by white people to stand in for all Asians and demand she be removed from her job.

In your universe it's OK to break the rules and unfair when this has consequences but utterly unacceptable to misunderstand your poorly communicated situation and dismiss you.

If patreon was disproportionately important to your income perhaps you should have posted the dox to your personal blog instead of the place it was sure to interupt your income. I regret replaying something that is likely untrue but man you have got to be your own biggest enemy and worst advocate.

After I think fully understanding your position and taking you at face value I wish I hadn't taken the literal hour required to understand the position of a person's plight that I just can't give a fig about because the more of your words I read the more I dislike you.

If I can in brief give you some good advice. Rewrite it in one page focusing on your accomplishments, point out briefly that some people don't want to give you credit because you are a woman but don't dwell on it or general victimhood. Cut out every smarmy pile of crap like how you love children. Then communicate clearly what vice did wrong in a few paragraphs without blaming them for your own stupid mistakes.

You will come off as genuine and sympathetic instead of loathsome.

You could also stop defending the gestapo who make it unsafe for you to be you. If you have that option I'd advise you to make your home somewhere you can safely express yourself.

>in it you entirely fail to explain how you were wronged by vice

The answer clearly stated in Part 1:

"I exchanged several emails with Vice magazine making it clear what the scope of the article would be. The key points being no discussion of sexual orientation or my relationships. This is a very small request as Vice Magazine has interviewed countless male DIY YouTube creators without ever asking them to respond to 4Chan/Reddit allegations about who they sleep with (as they did with me)."

That took me all of... 5 seconds to find?

>You will come off as genuine and sympathetic instead of loathsome.

Yep, that and your earlier post speaks volumes about you...

You still didn't say what vice is supposed to have released about you and precisely how that effected you. You said you didnt want them to discuss your relationship status or sexual orientation. You didn't actually say what they released about you.

So what? She said that they released things that they agreed not to discuss in the first place. Why should she have to say what thise things were? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of asking them not to publish those things?

The premise is that the damage is done its published to untold thousands. That being so it ought to be trivial to actually articulate the actual story if there is one.

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