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WeWork is likely worth closer to $0 than $8-10 billion (not just my opinion, Bill Ackman [1] is onboard with that valuation of both the equity and the debt). If SoftBank had a spine, they would've paid out reasonable severance to rank and file (which they have to do regardless), shown Neumann the door (and burn his equity down with no consulting fee to help pay off his credit lines to JPMorgan Chase, UBS Group and Credit Suisse Group), and spun the company down. You don't need to pay a fraud for control of a worthless company.

[1] https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2019/10/30/wework-cou...

Well the severance is handled. As for the rest, what would shutting it down accomplish?

Technically they haven't taken anything from anyone since they never went public so it's just an expensive portfolio company for Softbank and the other investors. If they feel they can turn it around then why not? Meanwhile all those people continue to have jobs.

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