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Agreed. Interlinears are essential to get the full sense of any given passage. That's one of the reason there are so many bible translations, it's half written in a language that demands a reader of the native language insert letters contextually to arrive at the correct word (Aramaic) and half written in a language that's the colloquial example for something hard to understand (Greek).

I bought a subscription to Logos (Faithlife) a while back - it's some amazing software, and the books they sell have a, frankly, jaw-dropping amount of cross-references linked both into most any bible translation you could imagine, but other books as well.

There isn't very much Aramaic in the bible (parts of the book of Daniel and a smattering of verses in a few other books), I think you mean Hebrew. And no letters are inserted. You are thinking of the vowels, but the vowels are not letters, they are represented by a point system. And the Hebrew Bible if fully pointed. It is just modern Hebrew for adult readers that is not pointed (things like the newspaper and novels).

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