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I wish I could be surprised by stuff like this. Feels like this stuff is the norm, not the exception. Unfortunately, I don't see how this is going to change anytime soon.

There is a capital class and there is a non-capital class

The only difference between now and feudal society is that the peasants knew it

Except back then you couldn't actually move up. Most people today can save and generate wealth from leveraged capital today. That's literally every startup.

There are numerous avenues of social mobility today and chronic structural issues with each and every one of them today

I wasn’t going to write a dissertation to make my point

Yet you decided to compare with feudal society...

I would do it again.

Would you prefer I replace “only difference” with “similarity” or “analogy”? So then I can just say metaphors compare dissimilar things that share at least one common attribute. The point itself would be the exact same and also skirt right by the most pedantic rebuttals.

The peasants were aware of their place in society, the non-capital class has cognitive dissonance their whole lives.

That"s the dream being sold, which everybody buys.

In practical terms, social mobility is very low.

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