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It's about time for us to take back the web from advertising.

Back in the 90's and early 00's the web was an amazing place with high signal and low noise. Now you have shitty articles creeping into our social feeds that we can't even read -- they're effectively advertising on Hacker News, Reddit, etc. at no cost and then asking us to pay. That shouldn't fly.

News websites asking for money should get zero placement on social sites or news feeds.

These websites complain that we're depriving them of money, but the fact is they chose to build websites. They made a land grab during the commercialization of the internet and they're dissatisfied with the results.

Meanwhile we have auto-playing video ads because Google ad reps say it drives higher engagement, and the tech to support it is being built into Chrome because it earns Google more money.


Works fine if you disable all scripts. Enable washingtonpost.com to get the first image.

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