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Or he’ll lose his money on the loan too. That $500 million will all go down the drain if the company doesn’t have a turnaround. A loan is giving someone else money and you only profit if they pay you back in full with interest after all.

I saw a different article criticizing him for basically throwing his money away trying to keep Sears going... http://money.com/money/5498143/eddie-lampert-trying-to-save-...

> While Lampert hasn’t suffered like his employees, Sears’ decline has cost him: Since taking over as CEO in 2013, he’s lost almost half his fortune – once as large as $3.1 billion. During his peak before the financial crisis, Lampert managed over $15 billion at his hedge-fund. As his bet on Sears soured over the years, more and more investors abandoned him. By the end of 2017, ESL managed only $1.3 billion, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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