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NYTimes subscription is $10/month through the iOS app... it’s not exactly in the same ballpark as even a single vacation :-)

"it's just $X/mo"

That's the mentality that often gets people into debt.

Budget monthly if you have that trouble, I run a monthly surplus without issues. $120 a year for news is not that much and is cheaper than paper newspapers used to be.

(Edit: obviously, yes, if you cant afford it don’t buy it. News is a luxury too, just a much cheaper one. The only things people actually need are food, transportation, housing, &c.)

Paradoxically, the reason why I can afford things is because I don't buy shit I don't need just because it's "$120 a year" and "not that much". It does add up. And then it also compounds. As a rule, I try to avoid buying things with zero (or negative as in the case of NYTimes) residual value.

That’s your decision. Go for it if it’s what you need for your financial situation.

My only point was that it wasn’t the same type of spending described in the article.

$10 here, $20 there, then multiply by 12, pretty soon you're looking at real money.

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