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> I think craftsman still has a lifetime warranty

No, although some 3rd party stores will still honor it.

> cobalt

Kobalt, yeah. They're possibly better, but probably not. I own a few things from them that have been perfectly functional, no complaints, but not high-quality.

I have very few modern craftsman tools--most of my hand tools are vintage--but I've found them to be comparable. I wouldn't be surprised if they all come from the same factory somewhere.

I have a lot of old hand-me downs from my father, his old craftsman stuff is still great. My brother got most of his Snap-on stuff (he uses it daily in his business, he needs the good stuff) and that stuff is fantastic -- some of it's had 20 or 30 years of heavy use. Though you pay the price for it (more than I'm willing to pay to turn a bolt on my lawnmower a few times a year :-) )

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