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There is also too much given to the importance of hitting the date over hitting the product/market polish, value and fit needed for success. People forget a project was late if it succeeds, they never forget a project on time that failed because it was rushed, buggy and not polished production.

Discipline and time estimates are important, but not more important than a product setup for success. One that is easy to sell and market because it has value, is polished and a good experience.

Game development notoriously is late, and as long as the developers have time to finish it right people forget. Everyone knows when a game company and the business/marketing/financial side pushes out an incomplete or buggy product, it can permanently harm perception.

Valve Time is something that is really common game development where engineers/developers/designers/product people are still in charge and making good solid product. [1] Technology, innovation and especially game development needs time to make it fun, a good experience and a solid product.

Creativity can't always be rushed, there must be "open" and "closed" modes of development, not crunched in "closed" only modes. John Cleese has an excellent talk on managing creativity and I recommend all people I work with watch it, very valuable insight. [2]

[1] https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time

[2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb5oIIPO62g

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