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Far from the spotlight, a Boeing partner feels the heat (nytimes.com)
25 points by bookofjoe 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

> In 1998, Boeing executives summoned Mr. Jones to Seattle, he later recalled in a speech, and made clear that, to get more of Boeing’s business, Collins would have to cut prices dramatically. In response, Collins introduced what it called “lean electronics,” its take on a belt-tightening philosophy popularized by Toyota. Collins reorganized business units and retrained managers, with an eye toward efficiency and speed. It pushed its suppliers to do the same, and established partnerships with companies such as HCL Technologies, which provides outsourced, lower-cost engineering services from India.

What a surprise. Critical Software is outsourced as a cost-saving measure and results in critical software bugs.

The MCAS software problems were not the result of software bugs. The requirements specification for it was the problem.

> in critical software bugs

there were no critical software bugs

software was done according to asked specifications

That also ties in well with this other comment from the article:

For Collins executives, it was also validation of a dramatic transformation the company had undertaken years earlier, in response to demands from Boeing, to do more with less.

That race to the bottom demanded by Boeing is not looking so good now.

yeah, you can bet that race to the bottom hit engineer salaries or at least their growth, consequently driving out some key institutional knowledge with it I'm sure.

The real surprise is that you can outsource a bunch of software engineering and then you find that the guys who killed people with their bugs were the domestic software engineers.

< One former Collins engineer said in an interview the MCAS design should have raised concerns at the aerospace company because it relied on just one sensor. “This kind of design is a no-go” >

I trust NTSB is taking a look at the basic design.

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