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Handheld retro PC design concept: Commodore HX-64 (artstation.com)
49 points by mpweiher 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

Could we put "Concept" or "Design Student Project" in the title? I'm sure I'm not the only one who expected a real thing someone built.

Sure thing.


This is just an artist design/rendering, right? I wonder how long before someone 3D prints the shell and tries to actually build a working unit?

Yes, I had actually put a "(CG)" in the title, but apparently that got edited and I don't seem to be able to put it back.

Yes, fan art, good though, I suspended my disbelief until I saw the serial port on the back, no flashing on the plastic mold :)

If you want a real hand-held C64, there’s https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/C64_Direct-to-TV

I should have bought one when they were making them!

Designed by the insanely smart Jeri Ellsworth.

This is really great. I feel like it wouldnt be too complicated to make one with a raspberry pi. Lose the extra ports and the tape drive. Just include an HDMI and an RCA video out for old school crt and maybe the joystick ports. Some games would work better with a wider keyboard instead of stacking the keys. I love it though, the mini tape is a really nice touch!

This is pretty cool and I wish it was actually real.

There are however some other projects out there doing this. See http://mega65.org/

They have a handheld, doesn't look as nice as these drawings though.

The Mega65 system, replica of the commodore 65 is awesome though. It is compatible with c64 c65 and their new system Mega65.

I find it interesting that if you google for "Funkentstört n. DBP Vfg. 1046/84" (intereference suppressed according to some German Post standard), you will only get results from C64 related websites. Didn't other devices need that label, too?

Let's start to build this, no? The innards of a DTV, some 3D printing, a membrane keyboard with some DIY stickers on it. Hot glue, solder iron, patience and some serious hacking can get this done. Where are the design files?

Might be hard to fit everything in, between the space consumed by the tape recorder, batteries, and expansion slots/connectors. I also seriously doubt that you could power a device like this on a reasonable number of AA batteries, but using an OLED/LCD instead of a CRT and modern lithium cells would make it more plausible.

No. Cassettes were one of the worst storage media of their age. Replace that part with a micro SD card and then maybe you're on to something.

8bit machines are good in their simplicity, but they were not perfect. Storage of the 80s in particular detracts from the experience, it doesn't enhance it.

Reminds me of the Apple II watch: https://www.instructables.com/id/Apple-II-Watch/

This looks amazing. Such a cool concept and design.

Crowdfunding please! I'll have a few.

Where do I sign up? Take my money please!

...really? Why? I mean, it looks cool, but it is pretty damned useless. If you want a portable C64 your phone can emulate one and it'll probably consume fewer cycles than your clock app.

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