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My Personal Linklog (msaavedra.com)
104 points by masaav 7 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

In the era of algorithmic recommendations, curated lists are worth gold. Good job.

May I suggest crawling the links and hosting a mirror? Maybe IPFS? We never know when a link will break in today's web.

Pages can be manually added to the internet archive:



This is something I wish I'd started doing decades ago. I recently found an old bookmarks file from around 2003 and almost every link was dead. I think the longest living thing on the list was sluggy.com

Now if something is on the internet and I think I might want it later I'll save a copy. I just need to find a better way to originize the information than nested folders of HTML and text files.

I miss these fixed recommendation lists from when like everyone had a personal blog.

I keep a similar collection here. Less organized but I include ratings and little reviews.


Thanks for sharing! Impressive resume by the way.

I've build a static html generator that generates such a blog from emails, I send myself. 'Share via e-mail' works from almost any device and anywhere.

Subject goes to the link text Body to url

A bit hacky. But in case someone is interested: https://github.com/6uhrmittag/bashblog

One of the main use-cases of https://histre.com/ (disclaimer: I built it) is to be able to save and organize links like this. If you're looking to do that easily, perhaps give it a try? :-)

I'll check it out, looks good :)

I have a "bookmark" post type on my site where I save things for later - https://www.jvt.me/kind/bookmarks/ which I tag based on what it fits under, which I find useful for "here's something I may want to go back to, or others should see"

Also as an aside I thought the theme looked familiar - I use the same underlying theme but have customised it a bit over the base theme, cool!

Ah, tags are a nice touch!

I have a similar collection of 2000+ sites on GitHub. I recently posted the repo on HN and it went to GitHub trending and stayed there for 2 days!

Here's the repo: https://github.com/rsapkf/goodies

Reminds me of protopage where beside the default feeds, you could create your own list of links. Always useful to have a curated list.



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