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Because the BSL flat out bans the use of the source code for a specific purpose for 36 months and mostly behaves like Apache-2.0 for most other intents and purposes, whereas the AGPL affects all users (commercial or non) and requires them to publish source code for all publicly accessible services using the AGPL licensed code, regardless of purpose.

If MongoDB were AGPL, both a company providing MongoDB-as-a-Service and a non-profit web app using MongoDB in the backend would equally need to publish their source code.

The BSL just says "you can't do this one specific thing for 36 months".

The AGPL is a more viral version of the GPL, which basically says "if your code uses this code, your code is now GPL licensed" and also "for all GPL licensed software you distribute, you must also make its source code available" (with the AGPL just redefining that "distribute" as "distribute or make accessible as a service").

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