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China Says It Agreed with U.S. to Roll Back Tariffs in Phases (bloomberg.com)
20 points by jmsflknr 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Wishful thinking. Those "in principle" agreements were inked, I think, 3 times already just to be rescinded a week later.

I do not even exclude the plausibility of it being Liu intentionally leaking half truths, in order relieve pressure from Beijing from his back.

After all, Xi recused himself from the talks because he knew it will be a big blow to him if he would be seen as a man who blew up trade talks.

"U.S. equities sank after President Donald Trump said the U.S. hasn’t agreed to a tariff rollback with China, dimming hopes for a preliminary trade deal next month."


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