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GPL is only concerned about redistribution of your program. A modified version can be kept private as long as it's hosted on your own servers and not distributed. The primary concern of Sentry is large cloud providers that have more capital and better economies of scale providing their hosted service for a cheaper price.

I see. Would AGPL fully solve this problem?

Not fully but 99%. Most "SaaS" companies would avoid running it or pay a license for a special approval.

What's the 1%? Of course, paying a license would be a desirable negotation between the author and SaaS company, so this isn't an "issue".

The way I see it, the BSL is similar to the AGPL but weaker.

Running AGPL code on your server without making it all AGPL or GPL (which itself is only possible because of an explicit exception) is discouraged, or at minimum a legal gray area, at least from what I understand.

BSL code on the other hand is totally fine to run on your server, as long as the service you're providing isn't within the specified area.

But since you're not "free" to use that code in any product, it's not considered free software.

Personally, I think at some point the distinction between free and not free is arbitrary at some point, because while it's true that the BSL code can't be freely reused in truly open source project, you also can't reuse AGPL code if you're using the vast majority of open source licenses for your project.

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