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Could you elaborate on how the BSL is "bad for the community"?

It does not offer essential freedoms as defined in the Open Source Definition. This includes the ability to fork the software, make alterations, and sell use the result however one wants to (within the rights of the open source license), including selling it or creating a commercial service based on it. This license restricts the ability of the community to collaborate on the software by placing the community at a lower status than a single commercial sponsor.

You are confusing free software and open source.

Free software is the one about freedom.

You are confusing "source-available" software with "open source" software. Open source software is defined by the definition given here: https://opensource.org/osd

This license (BSL) is source-available, but it is clearly not compliant with the terms of the Open Source Definition, which Sentry acknowledges.

See also:




I'm not confusing anything:


Agency creating systems for clients, contributes to sentry - bug reports/prs etc, can they use it now? Can they deploy system for their client integrated with self-hosted sentry?

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