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The zine – a short essay on self-publishing (nono.ma)
58 points by nonoesp 78 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments

No thread on zines can be complete without mentioning Factsheet Five.[1]

Though it's been defunct for many years now, it was once a gigantic catalog of zines. I wonder if there's anything remotely like it now.

[1] - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Factsheet_Five

Looks super cool. Thanks for sharing I'll take a deep look at these.

If you're interested in a tech-focused zine which is also online, check out https://lainzine.org. It's good – really well made, lots of cool Hacker™ content.

If you want to see a digital analogue to "I just started photocopying these in my basement and the binding is all off but here you go anyway" you can check out my zine, https://freezine.xyz.

This is awesome Peter – thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your post. Your sketches are fantastic!


So glad to hear!

One piece of (unsolicited) feedback about your website:

I wanted to see your sketches, so I clicked on sketches in the top menu. But the page only appeared to have a signup form for your newsletter. I left the page because I was looking for the sketches, and after poking around a bit I realized the page scrolls and there was more content below.

You can see what I mean here:


Hey, this unsolicited feedback is great — so much that I already implemented an arrow to signal there's content, can be clicked, and disappears as soon as you scroll down.

Thanks a lot for this comment, really.

Here's a demo GIF:


(You can also go to the home page again and do a hard script refresh, CMD + SHIFT + R on macOS Chrome.)

The fix works perfectly for me, glad I could help! Your sketches are fantastic.

I love zine culture and zine fests. People trading zines and sharing joy. I don't know anyone who makes reasonable money off of zines, which is both sad but also keeps the culture oriented away from money.

I have a short zine series on engineering management here: http://staycalmcomic.com/intro

Starts with a stand-up scheduling joke and moves on to participatory decision making. Includes some easter eggs for Steven Universe lovers.

Feel free to read online or print out and fold into little 1-page booklets to give coworkers \o/

Google Julia Evans, she's quite popular around here and generally in the dev space and is making a reasonable salary now from her developer-focused zines.

Thanks @petercooper, @lev272 also recommended her and I'm loving her work.

Haha! Took a look at some of these and I love it. Thanks for sharing have been thinking of offering some format in which people can directly print the content themselves.

If you're interested in zines and tech, I'd highly recommend checking out Julia Evan's work: https://wizardzines.com/

Wow, this is such a good recommendation. And they're already in booklet PDF format — ready for printing. Huge thanks Lev, I'll definitely print some of these. Feel like I've got a lot to learn from what's on them (e.g., https://jvns.ca/strace-zine-v3-print.pdf).

Nice to see this here!

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