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Interesting concept. I think a success message might help too. I finished all my tasks before the countdown, but I don't get a 'well done', nor do the stats update.

Re the cancel button, I think moving it elsewhere is advisable, or telling the user that they only have to hit enter to add a new task. Or, adding a mini submit to each new row, but that defeats the purpose of your 'hit enter' function.

I made some changes based on your feedback.

I added a "complete mission" button that marks your list as complete, updates stats and rains down confetti.

I made the "cancel mission" button smaller and moved the location as well as adding a "add" button to add items to the list. You can still hit enter to add an item.

Gotcha! I've had similar requests. Users want the ability to mark a list complete before the timer expires. I think a success message would be a nice addition as well. And the cancel button needs to be moved! Thank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

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