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Show HN: An Exploding To-Do List (listimpossible.com)
5 points by beechwood on Nov 4, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Interesting concept. I think a success message might help too. I finished all my tasks before the countdown, but I don't get a 'well done', nor do the stats update.

Re the cancel button, I think moving it elsewhere is advisable, or telling the user that they only have to hit enter to add a new task. Or, adding a mini submit to each new row, but that defeats the purpose of your 'hit enter' function.

I made some changes based on your feedback.

I added a "complete mission" button that marks your list as complete, updates stats and rains down confetti.

I made the "cancel mission" button smaller and moved the location as well as adding a "add" button to add items to the list. You can still hit enter to add an item.

Gotcha! I've had similar requests. Users want the ability to mark a list complete before the timer expires. I think a success message would be a nice addition as well. And the cancel button needs to be moved! Thank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

I made an exploding to-do list. The idea behind the app is pretty simple: get your tasks done before they disappear. After the timer reaches zero there's an exploding GIF and you can see stats about how well you did.

Tried it out. Found it confusing to add items to the list, kept on "canceling the mission". Perhaps see if others have the same ux problem.

Thank you for the feedback. I have had that feedback from other users as well and I changed the button from blue to red but it seems like it didn't fix the problem.

I made some changes to help fix the issue of accidentally cancelling a mission.

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