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Time Warner Cable to Block All Usenet Access Nationwide (cnet.com)
22 points by nickb on June 10, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

This title is inaccurate. Time Warner does not say they're going to block access to usenet, but only that they plan to stop offering it as a part of their service; this is not the same thing, as you could presumably still use a third-party usenet provider, such as Giganews.

"We're going to stop offering our subscribers newsgroups," said Alex Dudley, a spokesman for Time Warner Cable. "Some of the early press on this indicated we were going to block certain Web sites. We're not going to do that."

Since bank-robbing is such a big problem, I suggest closing all banks. I also suggest preventing planes from flying with passengers inside, as they can possibly get killed if the plane crashes. The odds, in fact, of getting killed in a plane accident are probably bigger than the odds of the NYAG finding child porn in a random newsgroup posting.

This will not stop anyone from up/downloading child pornography. All but the stupidest child pornographers are using anonymous third-party Usenet providers.

This is nothing more than a feel good headline for Time Warner. 'See guys, we did our part to save the children.'

Usenet has been in decline for years; I've heard that only 1% or less of Internet users access Usenet these days, and most of them are probably the "bandwidth hogs" that ISPs hate anyway. Time Warner used to have news server farms in each city then they outsourced their Usenet to one of the big providers. This just gives ISPs an excuse to stop wasting money on Usenet altogether.

> most of them are probably the "bandwidth hogs" that ISPs hate

No, these are the bandwidth hogs that ISPs love. When they're downloading with NNTP from an ISP's server, they're not incurring a single byte of bandwidth beyond the ISP's perimeter.

It depends whether the ISP's bottleneck is the last mile or the border. Also, Time Warner outsourced their Usenet service a few years ago so all the traffic goes over the Internet to Virginia.

This issue is being discussed on the Network Neutrality Squad Mailing List ( http://www.nnsquad.org/archives/nnsquad/msg01002.html).

I DON'T LIKE that allcaps can have an EFFECT ON ME even though I constantly REMIND MYSELF that they're just visual spam.

cable providers don't have long retention dates anyways. use giganews with newzleech to download stuff.

Actually, TWC has a rather good usenet service. Unlimited download, with no speed cap other than the speed you pay for, and about 100 days retention on binaries. Not bad service at all for costing a grand total of $0 a month.

Seriously: as someone who has spent time competing on the Freenix list and hacking on INN --- good. fucking. riddance.

People are still using Usenet? What year is it?

I have found that, for example, comp.lang.lisp is active, vibrant, and helpful.

Although, a lot of discussion seems to be taking place on IRC (freenode in particular) these days as well.

That's probably because Emacs is such a nice NNTP client...

/me ducks for cover.

Not sure if you were being sarcastic, but there's none better.

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