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If you think that the Dookhan case is unique, here is another one: https://www.dothaneagle.com/news/crime_court/lab-owner-accus...

This time it's made-up paternity tests and made-up drug tests in custody cases. The lack of cross-checks in the judicial system is concerning, it absolutely invites corruption.

The worst part about this case was in the custody situations. Even if as a parent you prove the test was false, if they take your kid early enough and for long enough they still won't let you have your kid back. Even if you are totally innocent. And that time span is relatively short.

This woman must be firmly entrenched in her community in rural Alabama if she could get a contract with Dale County Human Services not long after she pled guilty to credit card fraud in 2013.

Just look at her photo! She is righteous, and her victims were all drug-taking adulterous noogoodniks. If the case goes to trial the jury will give her a hug, a bible and a year on probation.

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