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IANAL, but I'm pretty sure they need probable cause in IN to compel you to take a breathalyzer. This is usually established with a field sobriety test. Source: cops I've talked to in IN, who may or may not be right.

Why don't they also need probable case to force you to take a field sobriety test? Why does one test need probable cause and the other not?

The justification for a FST is either "OWI Checkpoint" or whatever reason you were pulled over for. I don't know why the laws are the way they are.

Probable cause is easily faked.

"I smelled _____"

There's your probable cause right there.

I live in a college down (Bloomington). And driving a motor vehicle is NOT a requirement for Indiana's drunk driving laws.

College students have been field sobriet'd on those damned Lime and Bird scooters, found they exceeded the legal limit, and then were found guilty for DUI. And unlike cars and boats, these things have no license. Doesn't matter.

Indiana's laws are fucked up.

Did you respond to the wrong comment? I didn't say anything about a car being required.

In Indiana, any self-propelled vehicle is considered a "motor vehicle" which obviously includes those scooters. I don't know if bicycles are included under the OWI laws (many states a DUI/OWI is operating any "vehicle" not any "motor vehicle."

I've known people who got pinched on their riding lawn mowers because they crossed the road to mow the other side with a beer in the cupholder.

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