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I discovered when trying to place an order for some of their networking gear for my vacation home in Thailand they simply refused to allow the order to go through because I wasn't in the US - Even though I was ordering to my US Address. It wasn't even due to fraud, they refused to sell something that might be used out of the US for 'legal reasons'. So why have I been able to order networking hardware from every other manufacturer with no problem? When I buy an iPhone, does Apple forbid me from using it as a hotspot outside of the country I bought it from? No of course not, that would be ridiculous.

There’s a ton of legal reasons why they might be specifically concerned about exporting there and Apple isn’t.

* Maybe there’s an export restriction on a component and they lack the license to export to that country.

* Maybe they have not submitted their product for regulatory testing in that region.

* Maybe the product doesn’t operate within legally available spectrum in that country.

* Maybe the product presents an IP rights concern in the laws of that country.

* Maybe they simply haven’t paid a lawyer licensed to practice law in that region to confirm they wouldn’t have any legal concerns.

I'm a bit confused by your wording. Are you saying your billing and shipping address were in the US, but your ip was in Thailand?

Try buying an iPhone from the US store and have it shipped internationally. Or try buying one of their products that have only been released in the US, abroad.

You just described how I bought my last 3 iPhones so I don't really understand your point. If you use a US address its fine.

If you ship it internationally from the US to a US address? I’m not sure I follow.

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